From bank recs to bras, mid–life crisis?… Absolutely!

Bustles was born on the school run, just one of those conversations that actually changes your life, well, my life anyway, “ I want to open a deli” , I announce to Allison. “But you don’t have any experience in that field, …what about a lingerie shop with me?”

Easiest decision of my life. Allison and I have an uncanny understanding of each other. She has been my “wingman” as we have nurtured our children into adolescence and now we have a baby of our own ,our Bustles baby. My expertise lies in project and cash management thereby complimenting Allisons’ lingerie industry experience. On paper, it’s the perfect partnership and in reality it’s a dream come true with my bestest Bustle buddy by my side!


26 years ago I joined the Lingerie department in Allders of Basildon. Little did I know at that stage how much influence the world of Intimate Apparel would have on my life.

Over the years I have worked for various manufacturers, large and small, which has seen me travel all over the U.K. and globally. More recently my expertise in the field of measuring and fitting lingerie has resulted in contracts with leading fashion houses and high street brands training their lingerie staff to measure and fit.

Just over a year ago, Teresa and I decided to open our own Lingerie Boutique. Having scoured the town to find the perfect location, we stumble upon the Victoria shopping centre, Southend on Sea and 5 weeks later we open the doors to Bustles Boutique.

We see our venture as an opportunity to service the ladies of Southend with a warm , friendly and welcoming experience , that will “make their day “, whether you are popping in to update your lingerie wardrobe or just for a coffee and a chat!

Men’s Guide

OH MY GOD… Forgotten her birthday? Forgotten your anniversary? Or just need to say sorry?

Well, all will be forgiven as Bustles have just the solution.

Let our expert fitting consultants pilot you through our lingerie collections, taking into consideration her dress style, favourite colours and usual lingerie brands.

Alternatively, if your significant other has created a wish list with us, we can guarantee her pleasure and delight as we tissue wrap and gift box her most desired choice and deliver it direct to her door. Gift letter also available.

Not just a shop, an experience.